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The Weedsmith Series

Who Inspires You: The Weedsmith with Dennis Hunter

This week’s episode of The Weedsmith, a meditation on modern cannabis leadership, is about inspiration. Co-CEO and founder of CannaCraft Dennis Hunter delves into how this founder of a prominent cannabis company is giving back to local communities and tearing down stigmas.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. Today I'm thankful to be sitting across from Dennis Hunter.
Can you tell us about someone in the industry whose leadership you’ve witnessed? You know, someone whose leadership you respect.

Dennis Hunter:

I think Michael Ray at Bloom Farms. We’ve just talked back and forth now and again just about the industry and I think they’ve really pushed packaging as environmentally friendly. They’re really trying to set a guideline for everybody else. And just going back out in the community and providing meals for (the) homeless and things like that. I think it’s people like that that I really respect and I really think that it’s great seeing it come from our industry because I’ve grown up around all the people in our industry, really good-hearted people that care about our community.
But we have this stigma that we have to get through, people thinking (we’re) crazy drug addicts or drug dealers and stuff like that. And so when we can have these cannabis companies giving back into their local communities, all of a sudden other business owners and people in the community start to look at us different. And they’re like, “Wow, that’s really awesome you guys did that.”
And all of a sudden that stigma starts to get torn away.