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The Marshall Project

America’s criminal justice system is broken. And The Marshall Project—whose mission it is “to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system”—is the nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization telling so many of these necessary stories. From a 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting to a 2018 Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence, this bold organization (named after civil rights activist / NAACP attorney / first African-American U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall) is creating the kind of journalism that begins to repair our broken criminal justice system, which in turn repairs decades of unjust drug policy and so much more.


Alzheimer’s Association

There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love slowly slip away before your eyes. That’s why I chose the Alzheimer’s Association. My family and our lifelong family of friends have watched my mother go from forgetting where she parked the car to forgetting the names of everyone she loves, to needing 24-hour care over the last 10 years. I am extremely committed to raising awareness and for this gut-wrenching disease. The Alzheimer’s Association helps raise money for innovative research and support for caregivers and so much more!


West Virginia 4-H Forward Fund

While 4-H often is associated with raising livestock, in my home state of West Virginia, it is so much more. Youth development, leadership and community enrichment are fundamental to the West Virginia 4-H program. I grew up in this program and owe it so much for providing the opportunity to learn about myself and develop into the person and leader that I’ve become. This donation will go directly to the 4-H Forward Fund which, in their words, exists “to ensure all kids can reach their potential, no matter their circumstances. Our goal is to provide educational resources, social and emotional support, and a sense of belonging for 4-H’ers across West Virginia.”


National Parks Conservation Association

Living in Colorado has provided me with ample opportunity to visit and explore some of our nation’s most wondrous and diverse scenery. Our National Parks reflect America at its best, but these historic landscapes are under serious threat from private industries eager to log, drill and mine the land. Since 1919, the National Parks Conservation Association has been the leading voice of the American people in the fight to safeguard the scenic beauty, wildlife and historic and cultural treasures of the largest and most diverse park system in the world. By supporting their efforts, we can help to ensure future generations have equal and abundant opportunity to experience and enjoy America’s most magnificent and meaningful places.



High-quality investigative journalism is vital to our democracy, now more than ever. And as the business models that once supported robust public service reporting continue to crumble, donor-funded news organizations like ProPublica are increasingly vital. This nonprofit investigative news organization produces hard-hitting journalism in the public interest and has been holding powerful feet to the fire for over 10 years. Here’s to ProPublica’s next 10 years of “using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.”


LifeSet Network

Young adults who age out of foster care without being adopted or reunited with their families face an enormous uphill battle in early adulthood. Each year, 20,000 teens exit the foster care system and immediately face the harsh realities of the world without the funds or foundational life skills to navigate it. Statistically speaking, individuals who age out of foster care have astronomically higher rates of early pregnancy, substance-use disorder, homelessness, domestic and partner violence, and imprisonment. The LifeSet Network takes an evidence-informed approach in providing much-needed support and mentorship. The intensive program addresses education, housing, employment, mental and physical health care, along with developing life skills to navigate adulthood, from transportation and money management to accessing community resources. While there are infinite worthy causes out there, I always come back to these kids. The odds have been stacked against them from the get-go, and while the playing field will never be level, the LifeSet Network makes every effort to help them build stable, joyful adult lives.


Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The crisis of homelessness is on the rise and everyone deserves a warm and safe place to sleep at night. But when it comes to homelessness, working toward prevention is just as important as offering shelter. By providing access to housing, trauma-informed healthcare, and vocational and supportive services, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless takes a holistic approach with comprehensive support for those who need it most. The individuals that are suffering from homelessness deserve advocates who understand their needs and work to provide them a place to sleep while also addressing their trauma and mental health.


Origins Council

An award-winning alt-weekly editor and NEA Visual Arts Journalism Fellow, Gretchen Giles is a Northern California native who transitioned to public relations after 15 years in publishing in order to support the Maker Movement and STEM/STEAM modalities for kids. Fascinated by cannabis as an industry emerging from prohibition when California legalized it in 2016, she soon became active in that state’s policy and reform and transformed her practice to support this emerging market. As an activist, Gretchen has served on the citizen panel advising the state's Cannabis Appellations Project, sat on the board of the now-defunct International Cannabis Farmers Association and helped to found several regional organizations. Gretchen is fascinated by all entheogenic plant industries coming into legality and is excited to have the opportunity to support and celebrate those who shape this emerging culture every day.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Colorado chapter

I chose the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Colorado chapter in honor of my mom, Lynn Teague, who passed away in January 2017. Battling cancer four times in her 57 years, my mom helped raise over $100,000 for the organization’s Team In Training program while participating in 100-mile century bike rides and in-line skate races—all while maintaining a smile and a heart of gold. This #GrasslandsGives donation is to honor those fighting these terrible diseases and my mom, who dreamed of moving to Colorado for its natural beauty and access to medical cannabis.


PEN America’s Prison Writing Program

The carceral state is deeply dehumanizing in so many ways, but providing opportunities for education and free expression can not only decrease recidivism, it can also transform lives. For almost 50 years, the PEN America Prison Writing Program has amplified the voices of incarcerated people with mentorship programs, writing contests and educational handbooks that teach important skills for communication and self-expression. Not only that, PEN has created opportunities for imprisoned people to participate in conversations about mass incarceration from which they might otherwise be shut out.


SOME (So Others Might Eat)

So Others Might Eat (SOME) began in 1970 with the basic mission of providing a warm meal to those in need in one neighborhood in Washington, D.C. It has subsequently grown to serve the entire district with the goal of ending the cycle of poverty embedded in communities across the city. Healthcare, legal assistance, job training, mental health support, substance abuse therapy and access to new and used clothing now complement SOME’s food and grocery distribution scope. My parents donated to SOME when I was a child, and their engagement was my introduction to the idea of charitable giving and how it can create real positive change. When funding for social services was slashed in the 1980s under the guise of trickle-down economics and disparaging “Welfare Queen” rhetoric, I saw firsthand the devastation that it had on communities in the city. The irony that Washington, D.C., houses our federal government yet district residents receive scant representation and remain “less than” in the eyes of some legislators makes the work of So Others Might Eat incredibly important.


Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund is committed to finding ways to curb carbon emissions and ensure a safe, supportive environment for people everywhere. That means using science- and economic-based strategies to mitigate climate change, move to a 100% clean economy, encourage sustainable fishing practices, increase ecosystem resilience and protect people from toxin exposure and pollution. The organization takes a holistic view of critical issues facing us today and works with key stakeholders, from citizens to members of Congress to corporations, to create tangible change and help people work together to support our natural world.



Everyone understands that our future lies in the hands of children. Sadly, not every kid is given the chance to succeed in our society. California-based Promises2Kids works to ensure a better future for foster youth in San Diego County, where I grew up. Every year, foster children reach age 18 expected to transition to adulthood but lack the skills and resources to secure employment, housing and higher education. Promises2Kids provides support services and resources such as mentors and scholarships to help individuals who have aged out of foster care to extend their education. The organization also assists foster youth in reuniting with their siblings in cases where they were separated during their time in foster care. Every kid deserves a place they can be nurtured.


Stop Ecocide International

Stop Ecocide International is a charity founded by two badass females in an effort to make ecocide (literal meaning: killing one’s home) an international crime. Currently, nobody is held responsible for the continued damage humans are doing to the environment. Stop Ecocide partners with lawyers, policymakers and activists across all of civil society in an effort to make ecocide a criminal offense. This would hold those who are making decisions or actions that lead to severe environmental harm, liable for criminal prosecution. The end goal is to legally protect our environment and home from the acts and decisions that are killing it.


The Tennyson Center for Children

The Tennyson Center for Children has served Colorado’s most neglected, abused and traumatized children since 1904. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping children who have experienced severe abuse, neglect and / or trauma so they can bravely, and safely, change their life story. That empowerment their trained professionals provide these children through all of these school-based and customized programs to re-integrate them into safe families, supportive schools and vibrant communities is incredible and something that I support fully.


Doctors Without Borders

The longtime nonprofit Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides independent, impartial medical humanitarian assistance to those who need it most. In more than 70 countries, MSF members care for people affected by conflict, natural- and human-made disasters, disease outbreaks and exclusion from health care. The work done by MSF is important to me because it is crucial to remember that there are people out there who need professional help for a number of reasons, and do not have access to that help.


The Trevor Project

I support The Trevor Project because everyone deserves to be loved and supported. The Trevor Project’s mission is simple—to end suicide among LGBTQ+ youth. They provide many levels of support, information resources and trained counselors who are available 24/7. Accepting who you are and finding your community of people shouldn’t be scary. Living life as you are shouldn’t be as terrifying as it is today. The Trevor Project is working to create a world where kids can just be themselves and get the love they deserve, no matter where they come from.


Jill’s Book Bank

Helping kids cope with a parent’s cancer diagnosis through a curated book collection, Jill’s Book Bank provides a robust list of books to help parents in talking about breast cancer with children of all ages. The collection includes books for toddlers to adolescents. This Pink Lemonade Project program is generously funded by a bequest from the estate of Jill Garrow, a former elementary school teacher and my beloved grandmother who passed away from breast cancer in April 2017.


Boulder Bridge House

Boulder Bridge House is a nonprofit focusing on empowering individuals who are experiencing homelessness. The organization offers a continuum of programming, called the Bridge of Opportunity, which ranges from covering basic needs to robust initiatives with paid work, housing and support services. This organization is important to me because everyone deserves an opportunity to embrace their futures, and this program helps those who are struggling to reestablish themselves on a solid footing.



A quarter gumball game with Grassland Agency logo tokens within them.

Grasslands-hosted parties and educational events are not only great learning and networking gatherings—they’re also tremendous opportunities to help out hard-working nonprofits that are local to our host communities. Part of all Grasslands event proceeds goes to support the good work being done by these organizations: