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Marketing Services

Transform your sales funnel into a hero’s journey with proven storytelling techniques deeply rooted in both cannabis culture and tactical branding on owned media channels.

What is
cannabis marketing?

Grasslands’ team of journalism and marketing professionals harness unparalleled expertise spanning the media and cannabis industries to identify and amplify strategic, effective and bespoke narratives that resonate with your brand’s target audiences and attract consumers through high-quality messaging and high-value content.

Equipped with the right messaging and educational, entertaining and effective content, our clients effectively build brand recognition, demonstrate value, strengthen brand loyalty, increase sales and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly-evolving cannabis landscape.

Cannabis Branding


Visual distinction is paramount to brand building.

Messaging Kickstarter

Design your message to be meaningful to your audience.


Every great idea needs an equally great name.


An internal organizational tool to ensure consistent messaging across your business.

Mission / Vision / Values

To help your team row in the same direction towards a shared North Star.


Strategic email copy, compelling CTAs and click-worthy subject lines featuring your product announcements, promotions and brand news.


Strategic content that is used to drive sales, create brand awareness and ultimately promote digital search.

Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Attract your target audience by providing them valuable content.


Brand-relevant articles that live on your website and contribute to online presence.

White Paper Development 

Strategic content that is used to drive sales, create brand awareness and ultimately promote digital search.

Website Copy 

Compelling, effective, narrative-driven website copy that is developed with SEO and keyword best practices in mind.

Case Study Development 

Detailed reports showing how your business helped solve a customer’s problem


a powerful way for you to leverage your current customers’ good experiences with your brand


Working with Grasslands has completely shifted our presence with American media. Their team is knowledgeable and professional, and they grasp the complicated technical aspects of our brand story with ease.

Anna Cordon

Director of Communications

Filament Health

Inclusivity and proactivity are at the heart of everything the team at Grasslands does. They are approachable, welcoming and excel at communicating. Like any cannabis brand, we have certain constraints, and Grasslands knows how to figure out what will work best and be most effective with those in mind.

Grasslands just makes everything so easy for us. They know exactly how we want to be represented as a brand and always ensure that we are being promoted in the best possible light.

Missy Bradley

Vice President of Marketing


Grasslands has been such a present advocate for our organization since day one of working together. They are a team full of capable, intelligent, and responsive individuals who truly care for their clients. It is evident that their culture is incredible and they love the work they do because it shows in their thoughtfulness and extreme care in detail.

Grasslands has helped our organization to gain a great deal of media attention and always show up to strategize what is ahead. I could not dream up a better agency to collaborate with.

Sasha Kalcheff-Korn

Executive Director

Realm of Caring

As a business owner, I am constantly pulled in so many different directions. Before I partnered with Grasslands, I was reaching out to media outlets solo, scheduling my own interviews, writing my own content and always running out of time trying to get everything done to keep my business running the right way. Grasslands has completely changed that. Now, I can spend all of that time doing the things that better my business. My relationship with Grasslands frees up so much of my time to be a better business owner. 

I also now have more of a goal and a direction thanks to Grasslands. Instead of me just blanket-spreading information about my business and hoping it gets picked up by media outlets, Grasslands uses its network, relationships and know-how to find quality places to put my information and help reach my target audiences. Anyone can place an ad in a magazine—earned media is really the only thing that matters to me, and that is where Grasslands excels. They are also great communicators, very supportive and always on top of what I’m doing.

Kim Stuck

Founder & CEO