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Transform your sales funnel into a hero’s journey with proven storytelling techniques deeply rooted in both cannabis culture and tactical branding on owned media channels.

What is
cannabis marketing?

Grasslands’ team of journalism and marketing professionals harness unparalleled expertise spanning the media and cannabis industries to identify and amplify strategic, effective and bespoke narratives that resonate with your brand’s target audiences and attract consumers through high-quality messaging and high-value content.

Equipped with the right messaging and educational, entertaining and effective content, our clients effectively build brand recognition, demonstrate value, strengthen brand loyalty, increase sales and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly-evolving cannabis landscape.

Cannabis Branding


Visual distinction is paramount to brand building.

Messaging Kickstarter

Design your message to be meaningful to your audience.


Every great idea needs an equally great name.


An internal organizational tool to ensure consistent messaging across your business.

Mission / Vision / Values

To help your team row in the same direction towards a shared North Star.


Strategic email copy, compelling CTAs and click-worthy subject lines featuring your product announcements, promotions and brand news.


Strategic content that is used to drive sales, create brand awareness and ultimately promote digital search.

Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Attract your target audience by providing them valuable content.


Brand-relevant articles that live on your website and contribute to online presence.

White Paper Development 

Strategic content that is used to drive sales, create brand awareness and ultimately promote digital search.

Website Copy 

Compelling, effective, narrative-driven website copy that is developed with SEO and keyword best practices in mind.

Case Study Development 

Detailed reports showing how your business helped solve a customer’s problem


a powerful way for you to leverage your current customers’ good experiences with your brand


When we realized we needed an external perspective on branding and operations, we knew we needed an experienced team with unquestionable industry expertise and a strategy-forward approach that would help us stand out in a crowded market—and we were lucky to partner with the team at Grasslands. With Grasslands' help, we created and implemented a creative-but-relatable brand name, an education-forward retail experience, a thoughtfully curated inventory, a sales-savvy showroom and a memorable customer experience. And as our business continues to grow, we hope to engage Grasslands for public relations and other marketing services.



Plantlife Canada

Building a meaningful brand story and supporting it with consistent messaging and PR strategies may be a more intricate endeavor in modern cannabis and hemp than nearly any other industry. Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy are both inspired by Willie Nelson, so shaping distinct roles and communications for our related-but-different brands requires an in-depth understanding of the benefits of the plant, and an appreciation for the constraints of the marketplace. Grasslands has been an invaluable partner on that complicated front. Grasslands is the rare public relations agency that strategically educates and informs as it gets the word out.


Vice President of Brands

GCI Inc. / Willie’s Remedy