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Proactive Pitching

Capture Media Attention and Generate Positive Coverage with Proactive Pitching

Capture Media Attention and Generate Positive Coverage with Proactive Pitching

In a competitive market, gaining media coverage can be challenging without a strategic, proactive approach to wellness public relations. Proactive pitching is the art of strategically reaching out to journalists, influencers and media outlets with compelling story ideas and timely pitches that capture their interest and generate positive coverage for your brand. Grasslands specializes in helping brands in natural products, wellness and cannabis develop and execute proactive pitches that elevate their visibility, amplify their message and drive meaningful engagement with their target audiences.

Crafting Irresistible Story Ideas and Timely Pitches

At the heart of proactive pitching is the ability to craft compelling story ideas and timely pitches that resonate with journalists and capture their attention. Whether it's highlighting a new product launch, sharing industry insights and trends, or showcasing your brand’s unique story, our team of experienced PR professionals will work closely with your brand to develop compelling pitches that align with your messaging, objectives and target audience, increasing the likelihood of securing media coverage and generating the buzz you want.

Building Lasting Relationships with Media Contacts

Proactive pitching is also about building and nurturing relationships with media contacts over time. Our team will leverage our extensive network of journalists, influencers and media outlets to identify the right contacts for your brand and cultivate meaningful relationships that lead to ongoing coverage and opportunities for collaboration. By establishing trust, credibility and rapport with key media contacts, we'll position your brand as a go-to resource for industry insights and news, so you'll be top of mind for future coverage opportunities.

Our Approach to Proactive Pitching

  • Strategy Development and Research | We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your brand, industry and target audiences to identify relevant media outlets, journalists and influencers. Then we work with you to develop a proactive pitching strategy that outlines clear objectives, key messages and target media contacts for outreach.
  • Story Ideation and Pitch Creation | Our team will collaborate with your brand to brainstorm compelling story ideas and develop timely pitches that align with your brand's messaging and objectives. We tailor our approach to each media contact to increase the likelihood of securing coverage and driving engagement.
  • Outreach and Follow-Up | Once the pitches are crafted, we’ll begin outreach to targeted media contacts, sharing your story ideas and pitching opportunities for coverage. We’ll follow up with journalists and influencers as needed to ensure your pitches are received and considered for coverage, leveraging our relationships and expertise to maximize visibility and generate positive buzz for your brand.
  • Coverage Tracking and Analysis | We’ll track media coverage generated from proactive pitching efforts and provide regular reporting and analysis to measure the impact of our work. Through metrics such as media mentions, audience reach and engagement levels, we'll assess the success of our efforts and identify opportunities for optimization and refinement so your brand can continue gaining traction and visibility in the media.

Why Is Grasslands the Perfect Partnership?

  • Industry Expertise & Journalism-Minded Approach | With years of experience in the cannabis, psychedelics, wellness CPG and media industries, we have a deep understanding of the media landscape and the types of stories and pitches that resonate with journalists and influencers. Our industry knowledge allows us to develop proactive pitching strategies that capture media attention, drive positive coverage and enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation.
  • Extensive Network | Our team has cultivated relationships with journalists, influencers and media outlets across the natural products and wellness spaces, giving us access to a wide range of coverage opportunities and contacts. Whether you're looking to secure coverage in mainstream media, trade publications or influencer blogs, we have the connections and expertise to help you achieve your media goals.
  • Results-Driven | We're committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Whether it's increased media coverage, enhanced brand visibility or improved engagement levels, we measure our success by the impact we make on your bottom line and the positive buzz we generate for your brand.

Interested in working with us?

Ready to capture media attention and generate positive coverage for your cannabis or wellness brand through proactive pitching? Let's connect and discuss how our tailored strategies can help you achieve your media goals and elevate your brand's visibility and influence in the industry.