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Ride the Wave of Breaking News to Amplify Your Brand’s Voice and Relevance

Ride the Wave of Breaking News to Amplify Your Brand’s Voice and Relevance

In the ever-competitive, rapidly maturing cannabis, natural products and wellness industries, staying top-of-mind with your audience requires more than just traditional digital marketing tactics these days—you have to leverage timely news stories and trending topics to your advantage. 

Newsjacking is the art of capitalizing on breaking news and viral trends to insert your brand into the conversation and generate buzz, engagement and visibility. By harnessing the power of newsjacking, Grasslands helps cannabis, natural products and wellness brands amplify their message, increase brand relevance and drive more meaningful connections with their target audiences.

Seizing Opportunities to Boost Your Brand Presence

Newsjacking allows your brand to insert itself into trending conversations and media coverage, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase your expertise, offer timely insights and engage with your audience in real time. Whether it’s commenting on a new study, offering expert advice on a health trend or sharing your brand’s perspective on a current event, our team of PR professionals will help you identify and seize opportunities to make your brand heard and increase its visibility and relevance.

Drive Engagement and Build Trust through Authentic Connection

But newsjacking isn’t just about piggybacking on trending topics; it’s about driving engagement and building trust with your audience through authentic connection and meaningful conversation. By offering valuable insights, useful information and relevant commentary on breaking news and viral trends, your brand can position itself as a trusted authority and thought leader in the cannabis, psychedelics, natural products and wellness spaces, strengthening your relationship with customers and driving loyalty and advocacy in the process.

Our Approach to Newsjacking

  • Trend Monitoring and Analysis | We monitor news cycles, social media trends and industry conversations to identify relevant topics and opportunities for newsjacking. Our team keeps a finger on the pulse of the cannabis, psychedelics, natural products and wellness landscapes, ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the curve and ready to capitalize on breaking news and viral trends as they happen.
  • Content Creation and Distribution | Once a newsjacking opportunity is identified, our team drafts compelling media pitches that align with the trending topic and reinforce your brand’s message and leaders’ expertise. Then we tap our extensive media network to insert your brand right into the mix, where it belongs. 
  • Measurement and Optimization | After the newsjacking campaign has concluded, we'll analyze the results and measure the impact on your brand’s visibility, engagement and reputation.

Why Partner with Grasslands for Newsjacking?

  • Industry Expertise | With years of experience in the cannabis, psychedelics, natural products and wellness spaces, we have a deep understanding of industry trends, consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes that shape the conversation. This expertise allows us to identify relevant newsjacking opportunities and develop strategies that resonate.
  • Creative Thinking | Our team of PR professionals and content marketing experts bring a wealth of creativity and innovation to every newsjacking campaign, developing compelling messaging that captures attention and sparks conversation.
  • Journalism-Minded Approach | Grasslands brings deep experience in media relations and journalism to the table. By applying these insights to our newsjacking work, we’re able to seize the most strategic opportunities and engage in highly effective outreach tactics. 

Interested in working with us?

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