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Ricardo’s integrity and background as a highly respected journalist made bringing him onto the team an easy decision. We are lucky to have someone with his level of thoughtfulness, commitment and character working with us side-by-side on our mission to improve the quality of life of conscientious cannabis consumers everywhere.



Bloom Farms

For years, journalists and the cannabis industry alike have looked to Ricardo Baca for insights and perspective. Ricardo knows the consumer and the cannabis business with unparalleled depth and breadth.


Co-Founder & CEO

BDS Analytics

When we realized we needed an external perspective on branding and operations, we knew we needed an experienced team with unquestionable industry expertise and a strategy-forward approach that would help us stand out in a crowded market—and we were lucky to partner with the team at Grasslands. With Grasslands' help, we created and implemented a creative-but-relatable brand name, an education-forward retail experience, a thoughtfully curated inventory, a sales-savvy showroom and a memorable customer experience. And as our business continues to grow, we hope to engage Grasslands for public relations and other marketing services.



Plantlife Canada

While many PR teams create a client strategy and barrel forward in that direction no matter what, I'm thankful Grasslands knows that a successful PR program is one that evolves and changes course with the ebb and flow of a client's business and its priorities. Our business is a complex organization, with coast-to-coast licensing agreements, public company listings in multiple countries and exciting LOIs in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and beyond; Grasslands has not only executed our most essential needs of the moment, they have also become our trusted advisors as we discuss long-term corporate planning for public relations, marketing, communications and events.


CEO & Co-Founder

CannAmerica Brands

I couldn't believe my eyes, seeing my byline and my words in a print issue of Entrepreneur magazine, a decades-old international publication read by so many of my mentors, peers and competitors—and potential customers, as it turns out. A few days after the issue first hit newsstands, my inbox was flooded with biz dev opportunities—other entrepreneurs who appreciated what I'd written and connected with my perspective and wanted to discuss bringing my security company on as their security provider. A few days later, I'd inked my first deal based on the thought leadership column—a CEO who knew he wanted to work with me after reading my column. And that was the first of multiple doors that opened thanks to Grasslands' strategic and relentless thought leadership work on my behalf.


Managing Director

Iron Protection Group

Grasslands consistently gets the job done on deadline, unquestionably, but more importantly: Everything Grasslands does on our brand's behalf is informed by a communications strategy that we've developed collaboratively. As Coda Signature expands into California and other markets, we know our brand needs to be more visible in national publications as well as strategic local outlets—and so we engaged Grasslands to help us connect with highly specific demographics that will include our future customers, partners and investors. And Grasslands implements our strategy daily with accountability and follow-through. When we ask them to handle something, we don't have to ask them again. We know it's taken care of. And that accountability is everything when working with an agency partner.


CEO & Co-Founder

Coda Signature

The Grasslands Party sponsorship got Manna's name attached to several high-level networking events across the country—at SXSW and MJBizCon, in New Orleans and Oakland—where we collaborated creatively on how to best activate the Manna brand. We all had a wonderful time, and the parties provided a casual and interactive environment to showcase our identity to packed rooms of people from all walks of life. It was a good time to relax, have talks with industry executives, reporters, and cannabis consumers, and for them in turn to get to know the faces and names of Manna.


CEO & President

Manna Molecular Science

Any veteran of the cannabis and hemp industries knows how campy and tired cannabis parties can be. But working with the Grasslands team gave my colleagues and I the opportunity to breathe new life into industry events that we were proud to put our name on. Grasslands' approach is creative, forward-thinking and inclusive, and the thoughtfully curated guest lists are always stacked with the names and faces you hope to see. Now, not only do we never miss a Grasslands Party, we never miss a chance to sponsor one.


President & CEO

Hoban Law Group

Given my own background in journalism, I have high content standards, yet Grasslands superseded my expectations of what pro bono service might offer. They are sharp, thorough, and above all, humble. Regardless of our status, they showed us the utmost respect. No pride, no ego. Just smart, turnkey content delivered with care. I am completely and utterly humbled by the sincerity and dedication Grasslands demonstrated to storytelling, to the craft of journalism, to the neighborhood, to the arts, and of course, to the people—not to mention impeccable content to boot. Grasslands, we are forever yours.


Past President

Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe

Strategy. That's what I value most about our public relations work with Grasslands. With every decision, big and small, Grasslands encourages my colleagues and I to think long-term about our capital management group's primary business objectives—and how our PR program can help us achieve those goals. I've been especially impressed with Grasslands' ability to understand and roll with our sometimes-evolving priorities and create custom-tailored proactive pitches to the media outlets we need the most at that moment. And so a Denver Business Journal feature dedicated to CCMG was a huge win for us as we were looking to establish ourselves with Colorado investors, while our extensive coverage in Forbes, The Street and MarketWatch have been more meaningful as we connect with national and international investors and partners.


Fund Manager

Cliintel Capital Management Group

Ricardo Baca and his team at Grasslands are some of the best in the communications biz. Through Grasslands' large network of industry professionals, they have connected CannAmerica Brands with like-minded executives and industry-leading companies, helping us secure meaningful connections and long-term working relationships. When working in a space that evolves so quickly, it’s always helpful to have well-connected industry professionals to help your business grow.


CCO & Co-Founder

CannAmerica Brands

We've worked with Grasslands to develop and implement our thought leadership strategy for more than a year, and in that time we've had columns written by NCIA staffers on a wide range of issues publish in a number of local, national and international outlets, including International Business Times, TechCrunch, Green Entrepreneur and others. Thought leadership is an essential part of NCIA's communications strategy, and Grasslands is a valuable partner helping us promote the responsible cannabis industry.


Media Relations Director

National Cannabis Industry Association

When we first engaged Grasslands to produce an elevated event for Mary’s Medicinals, we knew it had to transcend event status—that it needed to feel like a memorable, experiential happening. And even on a modest budget, the Grasslands team had a never-ending list of fun, creative and unexpected ideas to create special touch-points for attendees. Grasslands communicated clearly and efficiently throughout the planning process, and once the doors opened to our special guests it became clear to me that every single detail of the event exuded Mary's in the most meaningful way. And it wasn't just an event—it was an experience, which is exactly what we wanted. We were thankful to work with an event production partner who listened to our ideas and translated our vision into such a remarkably on-brand experience.


Marketing and Communications Manager

Mary’s Brands

As my colleagues and I were conducting groundbreaking scientific research at ebbu’s laboratory in Colorado, we needed an agency partner to open some strategic doors for us so that we could tell the world about everything we were doing—and Grasslands opened those doors and had our backs with each opportunity. From speaking engagements throughout the U.S. and Canada to brand features in Rolling Stone and USA Today, Grasslands leveraged its extensive relationships in international media and conferences so that I could tell ebbu’s story where it mattered most.




Building a meaningful brand story and supporting it with consistent messaging and PR strategies may be a more intricate endeavor in modern cannabis and hemp than nearly any other industry. Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy are both inspired by Willie Nelson, so shaping distinct roles and communications for our related-but-different brands requires an in-depth understanding of the benefits of the plant, and an appreciation for the constraints of the marketplace. Grasslands has been an invaluable partner on that complicated front. Grasslands is the rare public relations agency that strategically educates and informs as it gets the word out.


Vice President of Brands

GCI Inc. / Willie’s Remedy