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Mission / Vision / Values Workshop

Your brand’s mission, vision and values are more than just words on paper; they are the bedrock of your brand’s identity and strategy.

How Well is Your Brand Communicating its North Star?

In industries as dynamic and ever-changing as cannabis, natural products and wellness—during a time when authenticity and purpose matter more than ever—it is essential to have a clear, unified vision that guides your team towards a shared goal. Your brand’s mission, vision and values are more than just words on paper; they are the bedrock of your brand’s identity and strategy.

  • A mission statement defines your brand's purpose, aids long-term focus, and guides decision-making.
  • A strong vision statement sets aspirational goals and provides direction.
  • Defined values create consistent company culture and brand identity.

Our Mission / Vision / Values Workshop helps cannabis, natural products and wellness brands define their identity, prioritize goals and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

Our Approach to Defining Your Brand’s Purpose, Principles and Aspirations

  • Discovery Session | In our discovery meeting,  we’ll dive into the core purpose of your cannabis, psychedelics, natural products or wellness brand so we can articulate your mission in a way that inspires both your team and your customers. We will probe deep into where your brand is heading to develop a clear and exciting picture of your brand’s ambitions and vision for the future. And we will identify the essential values that underpin your brand’s identity and culture, in order to communicate them in a clear and distinctive way.
  • Drafting and Editing | From there, the Grasslands team will get to work drafting your brand’s mission, vision and values. Then we’ll have a collaborative review process designed to ensure the final deliverables perfectly reflect the heart and soul of your brand.

Why Choose Grasslands?

  • Industry Expertise | Our award-winning branding and marketing specialists understand the cannabis, natural products and wellness CPG markets inside and out, ensuring your mission, vision and values stand out for the right reasons.
  • Strategic Approach | We merge creativity with strategy. Your mission, vision and values will align seamlessly with your business goals and target audiences.

Interested in working with us?

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