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White Papers

Grasslands develops white papers specifically to be engaging, interesting and unexpected.

White Papers That Go Beyond the Expected

In the evolving cannabis, natural products and wellness CPG sectors, there’s no place for dull, generic content. Grasslands develops white papers specifically to be engaging, interesting and unexpected. Whether intended primarily for lead generation, thought leadership, sales support, customer education or SEO value, white papers filled with useful, accurate information that people actually enjoy reading help keep your audience coming back to you.

When done right, white papers serve as powerful marketing tools for your cannabis brand, showcasing your expertise, generating leads, boosting your brand’s credibility and elevating your digital search strategy.

Our White Paper Development Process:

  • Discovery & Research | We begin by meeting with your team to understand your business goals and subject matter. Then we dive into research, ensuring every fact, statistic and insight is backed by authoritative sources.
  • Outline & Drafting | Once initial research is complete, our experienced writers get to work crafting a white paper that is not only rich with insights, but also engaging and compelling to read. We maintain a clear line of communication with your team, ensuring brand alignment and integrating your feedback at every stage.
  • Final Review & Strategic Recommendations | You’ll receive a comprehensive white paper with strategic recommendations for deployment, ready to bolster your brand's reputation, drive meaningful engagement and reinforce your positioning as an industry authority. 

Why Choose Grasslands?

  • Industry Expertise | When you partner with Grasslands, you're choosing a dedicated ally who understands the cannabis and wellness spaces like no other. 
  • Journalism-Minded | We hold ourselves to high standards of quality and integrity in all of our writing services. You can trust that our experienced writers will craft a compelling and accurate white paper that effectively communicates your brand's expertise. 

Interested in working with us?

Ready to dive deep, lead the conversation and stand out with authoritative white papers? Let’s talk.