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The Weedsmith Series

Who Inspires Him: The Weedsmith with Frenchy Cannoli

What cannabis leader inspired legendary hash-maker Frenchy Cannoli? “I owe so much to that man,” he says in this week’s episode of The Weedsmith, Grasslands’ new series on modern cannabis leadership. The Weedsmith runs Wednesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis thought leadership. And today I am thankful and honored to be sitting across from the man, Frenchy Cannoli. I want you, Frenchy, to tell me about somebody out there in the industry who you've witnessed whose leadership you respected. You've been in the game awhile, so I'm curious.

Frenchy Cannoli:

Dennis Peron comes on top of that list because not only (did) he make legalization happen, but he brought back the medicinal aspect of the plant. He brought it back to the eyes of the world. He brought back the medical aspect to the front line of the 21st century to the point that now, not that long after, there is no way to say that that plant is not medicinal. I owe so much to that man.