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The Weedsmith Series

What Makes a Good Leader: The Weedsmith with Mike Clemmons

This week on The Weedsmith, Grasslands’ meditation on modern cannabis thought leadership, we bring to you Mike Clemmons, president of Guild Extracts. We asked Mike about his views on what makes a good leader. While his definition of a good leader covered a lot of ground, he says one thing all good leaders share is an ability to experience empathy. The Weedsmith runs Wednesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. And I am here with our guest this week, Mike Clemmons of Guild Extracts.
Mike, in your opinion, what makes a good leader?

Mike Clemmons:

You know, I got to kind of ask myself that every single day. At the end of the day, I think that that idea is changing. It’s kind of funny, because I never really asked, necessarily, to be a leader" and I never really even envisioned myself necessarily a leader.
Being, you know, honest and true to good values. Understand that people are an important part of, you know, every project and operation. Knowing how to deal with people as people and not just as a human resource, I think is pretty important.
You know, empathy is a pretty important part of understanding the people that work with you which is instrumental in company culture, which is absolutely one of the most important things that can determine whether or not a company succeeds or fails.
Paying attention and, you know, learning from your follies and mistakes is a real important part in just becoming who you are.