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The Weedsmith Series

What Makes a Good Leader: The Weedsmith with Emily Paxhia

This week on The Weedsmith, we welcome Emily Paxhia and her views on what makes a good leader. As managing director of Poseidon Investment Management, Emily believes that good leaders are people who lift others up and represent the cannabis industry well. The Weedsmith runs Wednesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:

You're listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis thought leadership. And today I am psyched to be sitting across from my friend, Emily Paxhia.
Emily, I want to hear your opinion on what makes a good leader.

Emily Paxhia:

I think that what makes a good leader in this industry is somebody that is thinking about how their actions are perceived outside of this industry, as well as representing and caring for the people in this industry, trying to bring them along. I am not a fan of the sharp-elbowed kind of scarcity mindset of “I have to push you down to get ahead.”
I think that true excellence and success in business is by just focusing on what you do well and understanding that there’s plenty to go around. Every year I say it but it just feels like we’ve hit a new acceleration point, and I think that there is plenty of opportunity for a lot of people to do very well in this space, that it doesn’t require pushing people down.
So, to me, leaders are people who lift other people up, represent the industry well, because the industry won’t succeed if the regulators start to see us in a bad light and want to push us back down.
That doesn’t mean not being competitive. You can be competitive, but I think you can be competitive in a constructive way. I think that there won’t be anything for anybody if we get pushed backwards.