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The Weedsmith Series

Regulation & California: The Weedsmith with Steve DeAngelo

On this new episode of The Weedsmith, a meditation on modern cannabis thought leadership, Steve DeAngelo breaks down transforming the culture around cannabis instead of trying to change politics. The Weedsmith runs Wednesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:
We're living in complicated times here in California. But I think that even speaks to the California mindset And how different it is to other places in the world. I’m curious what you think about this. I was out here For an event and we were talking about regulations And I heard regulators talking about how they are really encouraging municipalities to start allowing cannabis sales, because of course most are not and it’s harming the industry.
Could you speak to that mindset? Even the regulators here seem to be more realistic more supportive of the industry than they do anywhere else in America.

Steve DeAngelo:

There’s not many things with Steve Bannon on but one of them is that changing culture is more powerful than changing politics because politics marches behind culture. And what you see in California is the result of the longest, most mature cannabis culture you’ll find on modern earth today
So what’s happened is people have seen through firsthand experience, through the experience of themselves or relatives or friends or friends of friends. The effect that cannabis has and it’s been a reassuring experience for them.
The culture in California is probably the most accepting of cannabis consumption that you’ll find any place in the world, and that’s the reason our political officials are more aggressive. They just reflect the underlying cultural world that they live in.