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The Weedsmith Series

The Weedsmith with Josh Kirby: Who Inspires You?


Ricardo Baca:

Today I’m thankful to be sitting across from my friend Josh Kirby. 
Josh, can you tell us about someone out there in the industry whose leadership you’ve witnessed and whose leadership you respect?

Josh Kirby:

Yeah, I mean, there's a ton of great leaders in the cannabis industry and what I really love about the leaders in this space, specifically, is that they're not really traditional leaders. You know, most people came into this industry through some strange sort of pathway. You know, nobody really got here through the ways that you might become a leader in a tech company or an investment firm.  Everybody has a really interesting story. And I think it comes across in all their leadership styles.
One of the people that I’ve recently been really affected by was Jody Hall.
Because listening to the way she talks about continuing to improve the self-esteem and the confidence of her employees was really inspiring to me. I really liked listening to how she talked about building Goodship and building Cupcake Royale, and just how people-focused she was. Instead of starting with the business and the revenue and the product, she started with the people that she works with. I really respect people who can exude that, who can sit there and, with that confidence, really say exactly what they think is right, say it in the way that you believe it, and say it in a way where you can’t tell that there’s any sort of anxiety or uncertainty behind their eyes.