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The Weedsmith Series

Inspiration: The Weedsmith with Amanda Reiman

This week on The Weedsmith, Grasslands showcases Amanda Reiman’s take on female leadership in the cannabis industry, and how one of the first dispensary owners in the world is setting an example for young women entering the industry.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. I’m your host Ricardo Baca and today I'm thankful and excited to be sitting across from my friend Amanda Reiman. Can you tell us about someone out in the industry whose leadership you've witnessed and whose leadership you respect?

Amanda Reiman:

There's one person, that when I say that you work and you work and you work really hard, and you just be successful and just are an example for others about what hard work can do, it's Debby Goldsberry. It's totally Debby Goldsberry. I mean, she's not the person that you see on every panel and keynoting everything and you know,  just putting her face all over everything. But if you want to talk about somebody that has worked harder than probably anybody else in this space, it's Debby Goldsberry.
She was one of the very first dispensary owners in the world, with Berkeley Patients Group. She now very successfully has Magnolia Wellness, which has had farmers markets, and has negotiated with the city for on-site consumption. And she is a visionary, but she is not proud about it in a way that is abrasive. She is very secure in who she is and what she's here to do, and she does it. You know? She's filling out applications and she's not complaining about it and she's getting it done. And I think she's a really great example to young women coming into this industry that, you know, you don't have to put yourself out there in this very overtly sexualized or feminized way. You just have to be smart and you have to be a hard worker. And you have to be willing to follow your dream even if it's scary.
And I think that she's been a great example of that. And she's been doing it since she was a teenager, you know, since she was a young young person and this was just about going around to different towns and talking about cannabis and why it's okay. And I respect that as well, the fact that she's seen the whole transition and has chosen to stay true to who she is and who she was as an activist, even though now she's a leader in the industry.