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The Weedsmith Series

The Heritage of Cultivation: The Weedsmith with Frenchy Cannoli

What does the cannabis industry remind Frenchy of? This week on The Weedsmith, Frenchy gives us his take on how the cannabis industry is a lot like the wine industry.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. And today I am thankful and honored to be sitting across from the man, Frenchy Cannoli. So often Americans are drawn to the brewery/beer comparison when talking about cannabis, and how this commercialization will ultimately take root and will quality emerge in the form of, you know, microbrews, A.K.A. small-batch farmers, but I like your perspective and it seems like your heritage as a Frenchman informs this kind of different take on cannabis following in the footsteps of the wine industry.

Frenchy Cannoli:

There is literally a blueprint in the history book about how to go to a mass-produced product with a lot of black market into the highest-end quality product that you don’t even drink wine to get high. You drink wine for the experience of it. We drink wine that was vinegar for 10,000 years, and by a twist of promotion like that, and the birth of the restaurant, and all of the critics creating that fancy, beautiful image (and) heritage, it’s interesting that nobody pays attention to the history book. Creating a legacy is much more valuable than just making money today, when you’re not sure that you can be the king of the jungle tomorrow. You know what I mean? It’s like, I’d rather have a legacy where it’s beyond money. It’s like, if you have that type of legacy: the vineyard in Bordeaux, they’re not for sale. It's not the land. It’s what the land produces that's the value.

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