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The Weedsmith Series

Ethos of Caring: The Weedsmith with Frenchy Cannoli

This week on The Weedsmith, Grasslands’ new series on modern cannabis leadership: Late hash-maker Frenchy Cannoli pays tribute to the cannabis farmers who were his invaluable partners: “Part of me is inside that resin, but the value of it is where it’s been grown.” The Weedsmith runs Tuesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. And today I am thankful and honored to be sitting across from the man, Frenchy Cannoli.  Leadership is recognizing that you are not doing this alone, especially in cannabis. You know, you have this ethos that sharing is caring and you have to represent and respect what came before you, and saying, “Yeah, I do this but I can’t do this without the genetics and the cultivator and ultimately the retailer,” even, after the fact, after you make your product.

Frenchy Cannoli:

It is more of a mission to me. As a hash maker, I’m so dependent on my farmers. I’m like a winemaker: I don’t make great wine  if I don’t have the greatest grape. It’s very simple. I don’t make miracles. Everything that people see on my Instagram is a representation of the capacity of what is grown in the Emerald Triangle. I create hashish. I create a mass of resin that goes through certain chemical reactions and becomes something else than the resin that was given to me, so part of me is inside that resin but the value of it is where it’s been grown. The genetic, that means the breeder, and then the farmer, exactly the same, then. I was giving a speech to budtenders and I was telling them how important they are and that they are the key between me and the patient. They are a big deal in everything because they are the one who can introduce all that history to the person who will consume it.  Personally I think it is a very important role. And then you have a relation with those people, even. And time to time, you should go and see them and burn some with everybody.


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