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The Weedsmith Series

A Business Win: The Weedsmith with Mike Clemmons

This week on The Weedsmith, president of Guild Extracts Mike Clemmons talks to us about his biggest business win. As many hoops his team had to jump through, winning that recognition for Guild Extracts was all worth it.


Ricardo Baca:

You are listening to The Weedsmith, a show about modern cannabis leadership. And I am here with our guest this week, Mike Clemmons of Guild Extracts.
Mike, I'm of the belief that we really learn from each other when we win, when we lose, when we succeed, when we fail, so I want to ask you about one of your recent wins in business. And perhaps that was a time that could have gone either way, fall-on-your-face bad or holy hell, I cannot believe that worked. Something that ended up in the “win” category that could have gone either way and what you learned from that.

Mike Clemmons:

It's so funny, you know, trying to kind of parse those wins and losses. I’d have to say, you know, a huge win that I'm super grateful for every day is the team that came together that I'm working with now for Guild Extracts.
You know, we felt the win when we got our licensing to do this. I mean, I've been involved in the cannabis space since 2002 and specifically around extracts, I mean, we had to jump through some hoops to do our R&D in order to come to the table with THC-A in 2015.
We had to build an R&D laboratory up in Cle Elum, Washington because they had the regulatory framework for us to be able to do that work. Of course the biggest win was from the California voters allowing for us to open the door and move this industry forward. I mean, that was an absolute huge win.
You know, when we started Guild Extracts, we had a pretty good idea that what we were bringing to the table was going to be recognized, but we had no idea to what degree.
And so, again, super grateful for all the people that were supporting us along the way.