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The Weedsmith Series

Being a CEO: The Weedsmith with Josh Kirby

This week on The Weedsmith, founder of Kin Slips Josh Kirby breaks down what it means to be working toward a common goal with his team and leading them to the finish line. The Weedsmith runs Wednesdays on Grasslands LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


Ricardo Baca:

Today I’m thankful to be sitting across from my friend Josh Kirby.  It’s interesting, isn’t it, being a new entrepreneur or a new CEO?
But what have you enjoyed the most about being in this position of, ultimately, leadership, as you develop and hone these skills yourself?

Josh Kirby:

I’ve enjoyed and hated all of the process so far, you know? It’s kind of this back-and-forth that happens every single day. But I think the thing I like the most is that feeling you get when your team is actively working around some common goal, actively working and actively executing on something that you all decided is important.
You’ve all worked together to determine the steps to take it down and then actually finishing it at the end of the day. That is just the best feeling in the world, when you get everybody together to make something happen and really lead them through that process, especially in the cannabis industry right now, where there is so little resources.
Every business is way under-funded. There is way too much to do. The regulations are changing constantly. And so it’s working together as a team to figure out exactly how we prioritize all of these different things,  how we allocate our time, our money, our energy. And which of these changing and evolving list of tasks are the most important, and are going to keep us one, compliant, two, in business, and three, growing and expanding and continuing to push sublinguals out into the world.
It’s great.