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An award-winning alt-weekly editor and NEA Visual Arts Journalism Fellow, Gretchen Giles is a Northern California native who transitioned to public relations after 15 years in publishing in order to support the Maker Movement and STEM/STEAM modalities for kids. Fascinated by cannabis as an industry emerging from prohibition when California legalized it in 2016, she soon became active in that state’s policy and reform and transformed her practice to support this emerging market. As an activist, Gretchen has served on the citizen panel advising the state's Cannabis Appellations Project, sat on the board of the now-defunct International Cannabis Farmers Association and helped to found several regional organizations. Gretchen is fascinated by all entheogenic plant industries coming into legality and is excited to have the opportunity to support and celebrate those who shape this emerging culture every day.

Three media outlets I check every single day: California Sun newsletter, Letters From an American by Heather Cox Richardson, The Goods by Vox

Super inspired by: Louise Nevelson

When I’m off the clock (in five words): Garlic. Dirt. Mat. Sand. Paint.